online: 8 february 2006
modified: 7 february 2006

5 february 2006 apparent strangeness

17:03 ...a seat overlooking the playing field... getting dark... warm air and still... trees bare, ground looking dead... the high pitched song of a small bird in a leafless bush... i'm astonished today by the sight of everything - grasses, houses, people, sky, a crow flying slowly over the trees, a man with white hair and dark clothes disappearing as he walks away in the near darkness until only his hair remains visible... all that i see and hear seems as remarkable as if it were on another planet... and yet i know it well

Parliament Hill... writing on paper as it's too dark to see the screen of the handheld... still air, mist over half the city, people standing still, loitering in the relatively warm air (8 degrees Celsius today)... as i walked here up a steep slope covered with oak leaves i almost tumbled when my foot slipped on muddy ground beneath the leaves...

...the trees and all else look wintry now - i imagine that this could be the last time this year when they are entirely bare - i'm expecting to see leaf buds, and snowdrops etc, any day now...

...people are standing and looking in evident (mild) amazement at the sight of our city from above and in the distance... what an astonishing thing it is, this transformation of the earth, and some of its rocks, minerals, clays, vegetation, gases, the materials of all this - what they used to call civilization or the man-made world...

...and in the pale grey cloud cover i see a small patch of light and presume it's moonlight illuminating a small hole in the clouds... or is it something stranger?... if i did not believe in the wonder and reasonableness of everything i might think it was supernatural...

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