online: 24 september 2006
modified: 24 septemeber 2006

23 september 2006 the purpose of life

13:26 a still and sunny day after rain... threads of gossamer across my face as i walk beneath trees... the grass that is in shadow is still wet... eventually i find a half-shaded seat on which to eat lunch... a solitary ant moves irregularly across a paving slab at my feet... it keeps changing direction, suddenly, as if looking for something... jumbojets are taking off to the east today and this seat (by the viaduct pond) is almost directly under their path... about one every 1 to 3 minutes...

...after eating i watched a hawk-like bird gliding and circling for several minutes over the forest... it has barely flapped its wings except for about 5-10 rapid flaps in one second every half minute or so (perhaps when it changes direction sharply)... i sit and sit here (beside a frequented path) many people walk by... many with distorted or rigid postures, some even on high heels... some talk to me... some with dogs...

...all (i imagine) are glad to be away from the imposed stresses and tempos of modern life... as i am also... glad to be experiencing (and making) these moments... the purpose of life is surely here... and now... among these trees, ponds, paths, skies, and in our ability to see, to hear, to walk, to sit (and perhaps to avoid talking!)

...'yes, coming', says a man sitting briefly on a nearby seat as a child calls him to 'come on', 'come on'...

...all is well when we freely interact... and are able to separate ourselves from imposed tempo...

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