online: 11 october 2006
modified: 8, 9, 10, 11 october 2006

7 october 2006 the highest point

10:14 ...walking in sunshine and a quite cold wind beneath blue sky and zero cloud... on my birthday (i wrote mirthday!)...

...rune 21 advises me to look back at my past, all the things that brought me to this point (see chronology and collective cv) and to bless and say goodbye to them, and then to pause... before stepping into a different watershed... or world!

...i like this idea, it confirms my recent resolve to devote the next 12 months to eb2 (the electric book, version 2) ... now i get up and walk on through the heath - on this morning of sunshine and hope...

...after pausing as to direction i decided simply to walk 'towards the sun'! (physically and metaphorically)

at the highest seat - truly the summit of my most fortunate life, so far!

...the sun is heating the front of my body while the wind cools my back... i'm looking down at the roofs of Vale of Health village... and beyond them to the city towers... i feel content... and ready to make what i can of this new life, already established... so now to enjoy it (and 'the necessary struggle'*)!

...via a one-stop unintended bus ride (from the highest point) to West Heath and a walk to my new lookout point... which tells me that this westward landscape is the new watershed...

...and now i'm back 'in utopia'... a small and semi-secret valley... which tells me to seek and be content with things and actions of seemingly small scale...

...'what a good day', i say to a man passing - 'it's superb' he says!

...near to this utopia i stopped to look at a piece of crumpled newspaper... there is a photograph of two men pulling a perhaps tortured corpse from the river Tigris in Baghdad and a photograph of a six-month old boy seriously infected by petroleum sludge that was dumped close to poor people's dwellings in Ivory Coast... safe disposal of the sludge in Europe would have cost about $300,000... such sights and acts are simply intolerable, are they not... what are we going to do about it?

11.55 ...i saw the meandering path of a snail shining on the pavement as i returned through a prosperous suburb... a sign, perhaps, to move independently 'with one's house on one's back' (whatever that may imply)...

and then i came to a building on which is a symbol resembling the Greek letter phi: a circle crossed by a vertical line... in softopia** this is a sign of unity, of 10, or one and zero, turned into a sign of non-dualism... to me this is a worldly anticipation of a necessary fiction - that precariously exists as it waits for me to complete it...

*As Allen Fisher put it (referring i imagine to the inevitable difficulties of attempting something new).

** see 'the education of everyone' on page 450 of the internet and everyone, a chapter of 'the electric book,version 1'

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