online: 27 october 2006
modified: 26 october 2006

26 october 2006 colder weather

16:17 i walked from my 'utopian valley' to the highest point on a cloudy windy day... feeling warm in winter coat and pausing to cool off as well as to gaze at the sight of Blackheath about 15 km away lit up in a long streak of sunlight beyond the city towers, which are in shadow...

i feel cooler now, in the wind, so i replace my cap and scarf as i look around at the whole scene and realise my good fortune in being free to be here and writing this or whatever else comes to mind and hand this weekday afternoon when most people are obliged to be doing paid work or are otherwise struggling... not that i don't struggle also, for instance against myself, and my inertia, this morning, and often...

16:40 i look again towards the horizon and see that Blackheath is now in shadow and only the hills or downs beyond it (at about 30 km) are now in sunshine... it is rare to be able to see so far from here - it must surely be because the strong west wind is diluting the smog and blowing it away before it can accumulate...

17:05 seat overlooking wooded valley south-east of the Vale of Health... out of the wind... someone i know calls and waves hello... then a man and woman in almost identical coats walk by... with a dog who is walking or running about twice the distance they are... it is autumn... the summer visitors have gone and those who walk here in colder weather have the look of sophisticated country people who are probably living nearby...

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