online: 19 january 2007
modified: 19 january 2007

19 january 2007 the beginning of eternity

15:29 pond 1... first time here for weeks... two black-tailed gulls come close to me, one stands 4 feet (1.3 metres) away, very peacefully, not hungry nor frightened it seems... the sound of someone using a large hammer in building work across the pond...

...on the way here, walking down Pond Street, the sight of worlds beyond worlds: beyond the bus stop sign: houses, beyond those: some grey clouds, beyond them: some pink clouds, and beyond those: the blue sky of daylight and the beginning of eternity (which i assume is also present in each fragment of everything...)

and while i inscribed that on the handheld a small bird to my left kept calling and the hammering continued across the water... and the west wind (yesterday so destructive*) kept blowing gently on my right cheek... fallen twigs and branches everywhere... but, wonder, some willow catkins are already in bloom (and nothing else is, as yet)...

*link to bbc news of hurricane in Northern Europe and in pictures

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