online: 22 january 2007
modified: 21 january 2007

21 january 2007 fallen trees

14:06: tumulus... as i walked here i stopped to examine three fallen trees, blown down, i suppose, in the storm two days ago... two had grown soft and had snapped off just above the root and one had snapped about 3 metres above ground... i was surprised to see that branches about 20 to 30cm in diameter had also snapped when they hit the ground (perhaps with the weight of the falling tree behind them)... it's hard to envisage the large forces exerted by the wind (this storm was described as a hurricane)... and the huge energy of a falling tree and the strength of roots in the ground to resist these forces... but now the storm is over and i am enjoying the lesser breeze and gusts as i sit at the tumulus this sunny afternoon beneath blue sky and fluffy clouds moving quite quickly... the air is dry and the ground has ceased to be muddy and slippery... i walked away i realised that the physical effort of coming here this afternoon (despite feeling tired and unenthusiastic) and the perceptual effort of inspecting and describing the fallen trees, has re-energised me... and now i feel up to walking further than i intended and am surprised to find myself completing this diary entry...

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