online: 29 january 2007
modified: 28, 29 january 2007

28 january 2007

miniature landscape ...and after literature

15:39: Seven Sisters Ponds: irises already sprouting in the water... in Sandy Heath forest nearby: a tall tree that has somehow grown perhaps 20 trunks, how does this happen (from a single seed)?... i much enjoyed this walk through a small-scale landscape of tiny streams, ponds, rushes, hedges, bridges, fallen trees, and muddy pathways... the disorderly English equivalent of a Japanese garden... perhaps?

...sitting now in the outdoor cafe i'm thinking of science fiction, detective fiction, the novels of Henry James, Gertrude Stein and even the writings of Max Weber (of which i've only just become aware) and of Buddenbrooks (Thomas Mann's first book and the one for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize)... and yes, i'm thinking even of all of literature itself... and of what might succeed it...?

...that's the kind of question i like...!

on return:
a related question (for me at least) is how to complete my lifework (mostly rejected or not thriving so far... or misguidedly planted in unsuitable soils, or contexts, or too soon, or at wrong moments)...?

...first guess (or perhaps the nth?) is not to describe, or to prescribe, but to tend to the growth of softopia as 'miniature garden' (or new-wilderness) in which to transplant whatever the random numbers select from the archive... to look back now, and to correct those mistakes in the light of what is evident in the so much more connective world that is appearing (dreadful as it may be in many aspects, and promising as it is in some new parts) in open source, in new consciousness, etcetera... yes... yes...

...time to further the electric book and to cease worrying!

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