online: 2 march 2007
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1 march 2007 in abstract words

... unable to write fiction this afternoon, i go for a walk...- at the tumulus this day of Dewi Sant (the patron saint of Wales)... it's certainly spring: there are 50-100 small insects hovering above this seat, i can see them against the blue sky... the air is dry and also the ground, and the daytime moon is nearly full... the city is still in the sunlight but soon it will be in the shadow of the hill on which i am sitting....'s still daylight at 17:30 or so... evening is no longer in the afternoon...

...a notice stuck to a tree: 500 pounds (about 800 euros, 1000 dollars) reward for finding 'George, a lost parrot'... 'he is not a parakeet'... 'please tempt him with food'... the electric train in which i travelled back from the heath for fifteen years... crowded as usual at this time, but a young man rose to give me his seat... i felt strange looking out at the station where i get off hundreds, perhaps thousands, of times...

...but today i went on to the next station to reach a health food shop where i spoke to someone from the Basque country... then back on the same train to get to a supermarket where i bought 24 items, 10 of which were from other countries... i took 2 plastic bags in each hand - one inside the other in case the plastic broke with the weight, and then i returned by bus... ...for once there were empty seats...

...but whatever the unnaturalness of these actions by bus, train, supermarket, or on foot, i like them all... each journey is a joy composed of sights and sounds and experiences far, far more interesting and surprising than anything i can imagine, or describe in abstract words...

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