online: 17 march 2007
modified: 16 march 2007

16 march 2007 people and dogs

10:29 ...early walk through Sandy Heath and the wildest part of Kenwood... a sunny morning with clear sky and cold dry wind from the north east... local people walking their dogs (mostly one or two per person but one woman led about eight, who followed her obediently... a new service industry, perhaps)... i sit against a tall oak tree a black dog called George brings me a tennis ball to throw, and i do so, and then he brings it back for me to throw again, until his owner calls... then i talk with another person with a dog: we spoke (inevitably) of the joy at being here on this wonderful heath ... 'i wouldn't live anywhere else' she says...

...and yes, i too am happy to be here, in the sunshine and the shade, beneath trees, beside grass (and ready now to walk further)... and yes, i much like these brief talks with strangers...

...on a seat beside the hockey field... i see another bumble bee, a crow that's been walking on the grass for many minutes, a holly bush that is glistening in the sun, and a woman who is playing, even wrestling, with a dog (i think it's a lurcher, Irish) as she lies on the grass to get to grips with it, playfully...

...on the way back i read a public notice of a new rule to limit walkers to four dogs per person as larger numbers are said to frighten old people or small children... but it seems to me that it's the single large aggressive dog that is dangerous (especially if the owner can't control it) not the groups of obedient dogs led by a paid walker... i took note of the address to which opinions on this may be sent but now i seem to have lost it...

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