online: 23 march 2007

23 march 2007 school or prison

17:36: at a station.... waiting for a train to take me (and two or three hundred others) through a tunnel to our various destinations (or places of destiny?)... i wonder what this evening will bring for each one of us?... judging by the faces in the train it is something to be endured, not a joy... and, as i wrote that, was i smiling... or was i frowning...or was my face inert? the next stop i pick up a free newspaper and i can't help laughing when i see the headline
Stay at school or go to prison

Teenagers will be threatened with jail unless they stay at school until the age of 18, it emerged yesterday*...

*by Joel Taylor, on page 1 of Metro,Associated Newspapers, London, 23 march 2007

...somehow this appeals to me... more than it shocks... though i've done a lot of teaching i always feel against it... especially when it's compulsory... schools, classrooms, teachers, exams... and yes prisons... these are perhaps our biggest mistake... might take me a long time to explain this, my distrust of education despite having done a lot of it... so instead i ask a question:

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