online: 2 may 2007
modified: 2, 3 may 2007

15 april 2007 as if it were everything

18:34 ...alone again in a city garden, on a terrace of blue paving stones in which i can see hundreds of fossilised seashells deposited millions of years ago... i am reminded by deliberate chance process of a very different conception of the past in the opening pages of Paradise Lost, John Milton's retelling of the story of how mankind was excluded from Eden, by eating fruit of the tree of knowledge at the persuasion of the serpent who was believed to personify evil... i pause to reconsider these unbelievable stories someone brings me sliced carrot and houmous as a cat creeps across the stones and fossils towards this still idyllic and partly prehistoric garden, on earth...

...and according to the new awareness neither of these stories is enough to account for all aspects of reality... not after the rethinking of human science and technology and education and culture in these electronic pages... beyond the reach of abstract words become nothing until suddenly this word...

...this awakening from partial knowledge once believed... and once condemned... and once rationalised... as if it were everything?

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