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30 april 2007 to change the culture

12:30 ...creative democracy?

...unable to proceed... so i pause... (nearly all day)

19:16 in the wind-shadow of the tumulus... so named by the Romans... a burial mound, or barrow... or carnedd in Welsh...

'tumuli can be found throughout much of the world' Wikipedia...

...several starlings were foraging here when i arrived... they allowed me to approach within 3 metres before flying away... and now 4 of them are back... they are eating small pieces fallen from the oak tree above (perhaps broken off by the strong wind, or perhaps by squirrels)...

...half expecting to see Rhys, Gwen, Tom and Megan* appearing over the nearby horizon, i am not surprised that the lady with 3 dogs appears instead... as always, she speaks to me of the weather... she and her dogs could personify the four winds... as do the four people i was half expecting... they also personify the four seasons, the four elements, and other quaternaries evident in the culture... if they would re-materialise now a great question might be answered and the culture could change course, as it did in the flight of Minerva's owl... (from Greece to Rome?)... and in the expulsion from Eden... write the fingers... recreating memories... and connecting to earlier occasions... and cultures

...a solitary crow walks by with head oscillating back and fore... and people keep passing this sacred spot in ones and twos... who are they?... do they know themselves?... i wrote that, 5 vapour trails appeared in the blue sky but my 4 fictitious friends did not appear... not yet, but i wait...

...continuing my walk, and encountering the narrowness of suburbia, i realise that the culture is hostile to all of us, as greater realities, and that we think we have to compromise to join this abstract materialism, and thus become enemies of the greater people we could be... but why not change it?

*Rhys, Gwen, Tom and Megan are the four characters from the people of the book, an abandoned novel of four or five people, in Wales, seeking to understand modern culture... as embodied in themselves... they were last seen in the castle grounds at Criccieth, high above the sea, where we sat together outdoors... before leaving...

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