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26 may 2007 self-portrait of a user

01:14 ...the silence of the night... except for occasional sounds of cars on the road about 50 metres away... about one car a minute and only just audible through double glass windows... no aircraft sounds, as yet... quite possibly this is as silent as is the countryside... perhaps more so?

17:40 ...saturday afternoon... i slept for about 20 minutes... i'm about to go shopping... it's still quite silent here... i see a few cars pass but barely hear them... the trees between me and the road are in full leaf and the grasses etc (meadow barley with daisies, dandelions, and several other flowering plants that i don't know the names of) are already quite tall (say 10 to 30 cm)... i expect the gardeners will soon be cutting them...

...i look at the screen, on which these words are appearing in html format, and feel glad that they will be seen by other eyes, known and unknown, intentional visitors to this website and accidental ones... (to this public writing place)...

...i've just heard an aircraft go by but barely noticed it...

i look at the objects before me:


a diary,

a hand-sized brick from Belgium (reminder of ergonomics),

my reading spectacles: the more distant ones i use for looking at the computer screen (while doing so i can see only fuzzy images of the frames),

a magnifier for looking at tiny objects,

five pens for writing in various colours,

a rubber,

an html code book,

even the keyboard (though i am barely conscious of it - it is almost part of my body while i am using it),

the desk lamp (which again i barely see but whose light i see the keys by)...

and the handheld computer, or pda, on which i wrote the first pragraphs in the night... i list these things i realise that they are all close to being extensions of my body (prostheses if you like)... and all of them seem as familiar, and as ordinary (but not quite as marvellous) as my eyes and hands... and goodness knows what connects tjhem, (them, i like leaving such mispellings or misfingerings uncorrected!)...

...this is not only a picture, but the theory, of eveyting (everything) ...(which misteake reveals the presence of a perpetual beginner!...)

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