online: 24 june 2007
modified: 14 june 2007

4 june 2007 folktales and other horrors

20:11 (pencil notes) ...a seat by the pond in Sandy Heath... no one in sight in this extended space between the trees... the ground is mostly bare with little undergrowth... the tree trunks, mostly twisty oaks, are clearly visible, reminiscent to me of the woods or forests in stories intended to frighten children, or child-like adults... much of fiction has that misguided purpose? most of it, perhaps... making people fearful or gloomy enough to obey papa and mama and the policeman... or any other chief or ruler... rely on nature, not fiction, for self-government or example: that, to me, is the right kind of mythology... better than the-ology, i think, let alone horror stories or folk tales, or the dualism of science fiction... (and journalism is as bad, or as depressive, seeking always to exaggerate bad news or to give it precedence)...'s time to do the opposite... or rather to reintegrate good and evil (in a new form of fiction, i hope)!

...i hear owl calls (or imitations of them in the distance)... i go towards the sounds but they move (though not as quickly as owls fly) and then cease before i reach the source... which i guess was an impersonator...

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