online: 24 june 2007
modified: 22, 23, 24 june 2007

20 june 2007 forms of luxury

18:34 ...i'm sitting under trees on the east side of Pond 2... a willow is gradually falling into the water... one or two water birds are using its (now horizontal) branches as places to perch with dry feet a few centimetres above the surface... the one i am watching is preening it's feathers... and perhaps is enjoying the sunshine and fresh breeze...

(but what do i know of the perceptions of a bird, or a tree... or even of the perceptions of other people?...) i smile, having written those words, the wind suddenly becomes gusty and the water becomes ruffled and the branches of the trees begin to sway... the water bird is still standing on one leg on the slowly falling branch and the shadows and patches of sunlight are in motion... i look upwards and see a small cloud change shape as i look at it... now it has gone and there are no clouds to be seen in the segment of blue sky between treetops through which a fast helicopter is moving north east... and now it also has gone...

...and all this time (45 minutes) a blackbird (or song thrush?) is singing without care... or is it singing for another bird of its kind who may be listening...

...i go now to a supermarket as there is very little food in my flat... and i buy 24 items... what luxury!

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