online: 19 july 2007
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2 july 2007 anticipating everything

15:50 on a rainy day... sitting on a roofed seat, the only completely dry seat i've passed... a dozen or so crows are standing on the grass and another dozen descend but most of them fly away when about a dozen or so boys with two adults prepare to play football... now rain begins but they are not deterred... one of the men is still talking to most of the boys while some evade his instruction and begin playing informally... then the game continues while other boys feed the deer in their enclosure...

... as i walked away i paused to look at a deer who came close to the fence and saw that its body muscles twitched repeatedly for no reason that i could infer except that such creatures may be 'highly strung' or at constant readiness to jump or run away... this reminded me once again of the marvellous potentiality in every nervous system (much of it never used, i fear, in the specialised activities and inactivities of industrial living)...

17:34 ...i walked about a kilometre before remembering that i'd left my umbrella on the seat... now i'm back at the seat and glad to find the umbrella where i left it... the football players have gone... the sun is now shining through thundery clouds and the crows are returning to their lawn...

...the second time i passed the deer enclosure, nearly all were sitting on the ground, perhaps to keep a patch dry before rain... and it did rain about ten minutes later... i think that people can predict rain (as do deer and cows) but we often neglect this capacity...

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