online: 25 july 2007
modified: 15, 25 july 2007

15 july 2007 stillness and wetness and growth

17:25 a tree and a seat, both in memory of Prue Skynner... near to one of the seven small ponds... it is now almost filled with bullrushes, or reeds... the air is humid and hot (i guess about 85 percent and 25 C) and so i decide to do less walking and more sitting still and making notes...

...clear images of the trees on the other side of the pond are reflected from the water surface: they shimmer here and there where tiny water creatures break the surface and project circular wavelets... all else is still, but for occasional water drops falling from the surrounding trees... a single leaf which moved suddenly, for no apparent reason... and a few flying insects... earlier i passed a pond in which are growing about fifty white water-lilies (resembling lotuses), some already in flower...

...a young man walks by unusually slowly (as if in a semi-trance) and now there is a faint air movement that stirs the bullrushes, if that is what they are (the tallest are 3 or 4 metres high and have dark brown seed pods 20 to 30 cm long)...

18:00 now, feeling cooler and more energetic, i continue to walk... the highest point, above the Vale of Health... the city beyond is invisible... ground level cloud, or a dense rainstorm, is concealing all buildings but for the rooftops of the village below... the south wind may bring the rain here in a few minutes... i walk towards the nearby bus route... the air in the bus is unpleasantly humid and i am lucky to find a vacant seat...

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