online: 25 july 2007
modified: 24, 25 july 2007

17 july 2007 sights of order

23:17 ...sunlit clouds above the north-western horizon like visions of heaven

...many sights of complex growth in and around Seven Sisters ponds, leaves, branches, flowers, in quantity and regularity too intricate for me to describe or to draw

...fern leaves growing in Sandy heath, the strongly horizontal presence of each leaf, sub-leaf, sub-sub-leaf, in perfect organisation without command...

...a green van covered with artificial grass, like a well-cut lawn or haircut, advertising 'innocent' soft drinks, what a let-down

as i enjoy the presence of pre-industrial housing close to wildness i begin to feel at home...

...a bank of ferns (springing as if from prehistoric time)

...the 39 steps ...landscaping the title of a novel?

(sights of what is good about romanticism, the actual presence of the vast or the extensive?)

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