online: 25 july 2007
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18 july 2007 sources of energy

19:15 ...outside The Hill Garden... blue sky above, trees all around... a small bird sings nearby... a beetle crosses the path... i was surprised to find wild rasberries growing here and that they are quite sweet... after an inactive day indoors this walk among trees and undergrowth, in summery air, is reviving me... at first i was walking hesitantly but now i feel inspired to walk on, to Parliament Hill, my randomly selected destination... the hockey field... i walked here quite swiftly, passing the two large chestnut trees and a beech in Sandy Heath, and smiling to myself when i accidentally found the path that goes directly to the pedestrian crossing over the Highgate road... the hockey field is for the moment a natural cinema, with the sun projecting shadows of the trees above me onto a screen of sunlit trees on the far side of the field... the tumulus... in the clear blue sky there are just a few streaks of wispy cloud, and one large one that to me resembles a gigantic feather about a kilometre in length... three mountain bikers cross the field before me and a person dressed in white tries vainly to fly a silver kite in the total absence of wind... i walked through what i call 'the dark wood' i thought it was time to return to Dantean thoughts and his example... (which might get me to revive the electric book, presently dormant)... Parliament Hill i spoke to a man with an ancient bicycle of quality (was it an Elsworthy, made by Humber, maker of luxury cars?) on which he'd ridden all along the eastern coast of southern England... he had a most gentle manner and seemed to inspire me to be more energetic than i have been recently...

...on the way back i found myself able to walk more quickly up a long railway staircase than i was earlier this week... yes, yes!...

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