online: 31 july 2005
modified: 30, 31 july 2007

30 july 2007 from memory

19:11 before a walk
...intending to walk from random point 3 to point 1, without notepaper, relying on memory... after reading Ursula Huws's advice, of 10 years ago today, that memory will remember everything perfectly if i cease to write notes...

(i came across her advice while taking a random sample of my archive, and chronotes, hoping to make them accessible, at last!)

21:10 after walking i walked without the pencil i use as a scriber, as well as without paper, i was unable to write on the handheld - so what follows is written from memory of the walk...

...a succession of buses, arriving as soon as i started to wait for them, led me not to point 3 but point 5 (i realised that point 3 might be closed at this time in the evening)... instead of my expected route i went straight from the bus into a wilderness of brambles on a steep downward slope, so i paused to eat blackberries on the way down... (i'd not brought the water bottle in which i usually collect them for cooking...)

...then i stopped at point 5, a seat overlooking the Vale of Health pond...

...on the way to it i passed the huge fallen beech that i mentioned some weeks ago... its several trunks are now sawn up into cylindrical sections about 3 metres long... but have been left there to rot and to provide home for innumerable insects and such... (more of the new care for wild nature that i mentioned yesterday)... and the broken fence that it fell on has been repaired - so human needs have been attended to also...

...realising that i could not write of things i saw and heard while they were happening i felt a bit lost... a useful habit was broken... so imagining now each section of the walk, i recall too many things to mention here, so i will simply note the most vivid:

...a bright sunset, seen from the bus back, clouded enough to be looked at directly, and turning the rooftops and tv aerials (above which it shone) into fragments of a heaven, far far from the mundane matter of our convenience, our need for shelter, for tv, or for buses, or for any such...

(completed at 22:15)

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