online: 28 august 2007
modified: 27 august 2007

20 august 2007 so serious an action

20:16 ...Parliament Hill... a cool wind from the north... cold for august... and another unrepeatable sunset to the northwest... a tall man is trying to reveal the movement of the sun on a digital camera.... and in the distance i hear drums and go to see who is playing them... (if 'play' is a correct description of so serious* an action as beating a drum...)

[*this word reminds me of John Cage saying that the sound released when striking an object could be thought of as its spirit... and i feel that to enact a rhythm is to initiate (a) time...]

...but as soon as i began to walk towards the sound it stopped, for a while, and so i went home... it was getting cold, and dark... i felt sorry that i had not found the people drumming... but i heard the sound!

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