online: 29 august 2007
modified: 28 august 2007

26 august 2007 inhabiting the universe

15:02 ...lime avenue.. warm sunny afternoon, unexpected after days or weeks of grey skies and rain... hundreds of people on the heath today... the heat of the afternoon we* walked across the heath in the shadows of trees until we came to the tumulus... and then we walked back by another route, also in forest...

[*with my daughter, Susan, and her husband, Andrew, both keen walkers...]

at the tumulus:
...many small pieces of fluff, each carrying a seed, float down from the trees, each lit by sunlight, each descending slowly as it is blown sideways until it reaches the surface of the earth... and each of them seems of the same significance as an atom, a star, or any other part of what we call the universe... responding to wind and to gravity... and the presence of everything

...this growing sense of inhabiting the universe is surely something to rejoice about... amidst the increasing scale of bad news and disasters, both natural and artificial... but temporary...

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