online: 29 july 2005
modified: 29 august 2007

27 august 2007 most of what we see is artificial

17:14: Ethel Copland Campbell seat... early evening... the air is still and clear... the trees are at their maximum growth before the leaves begin to fall... and there are about 100 people in twos, threes, fours, and a few larger groups, each seeming to enjoy states of undress, or relaxed posture, not possible in the city... even indoors... seems a small thing (as does any other one, and his or her life) when seen or imagined in comparison with this sky, or these fields, or this city in the distance...

...and yet people made them, the houses, the streets, the fields... even the sky contains seven vapour trails... so most of the scene is somewhat artificial... yet made of cosmic pieces..., are we the instruments of a greater process than we know?... hardly... the question is presumptive... and there limits to knowledge

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