online: 25 september 2007
modified: 21, 25 september 2007

2 september 2007 small but significant

12:24 ...pond 1
amazed to see that all eight cygnets have survived and are already the size of adult swans!

at the tumulus
...the skeleton of an oak leaf (from last year)... nearly all of its substance (the ingredients of photo-synthesis?) has disappeared and only the seemingly irregular pattern of what i'd call leaf-arteries or veins, remains...resembling the street map of an ancient town that has grown spontaneously without an imposed plan... (is this resemblance an accident or is there a profound similarity of process?) ...

(photograph of leaf) i study a set of 3 blackberry leaves and the street-map-like ribs on their undersides, and the movements of a tiny greenfly with legs (and brain?) too small to discern... i realise (amidst distracting thoughts of next week's picnic here) that unless i take note of these tiny but significant things they will exist unseen or unthought about by anyone, perhaps...

[meta question: so how to make this or any occasion sensitive to such?]

1. how do plants GROW?

2. where does the cell structure originate?...
(my answer: where it is!)

3. what are the flows of water, chemical elements from the soil, and how does photosynthesis PRODUCE this structure?

i am not writing this for ease of reading but for some kind of accuracy, and rememberance... (supposing this moment is our last?)...

4. are the answers to these questions well known (to biologists) or is there some connectiveness that science as we know it so far simply denies or ignores? (all i can do for the moment is to note, and not lose, the questions)...

21 september 2007
searching the web i discover the existence of the new subject of 'systems biology' and note the name of H Kitano et al (authors of some relevant scientific papers) who many conceivably be able to answer such questions...

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