online: 2 october 2007
modified: 1, 2 october 2007

12 september 2007 unpredictable sound

homage to musique concrete of the 1950s
by Marta Marce at Camden Arts Centre...

...loud, soft, rhythmic... mostly static sounds without much repetition and with little continuity... was the sound unimagined by its composer, as was the music of John Cage?... i listened i was drinking Chinese green tea from a glass teapot in which one can see the tea plant unfolding... about thirty people were hearing the music (in the cafe and in the garden) but seemed not to be listening... most of them were talking despite its loudness... there is even some voice and rhythm, almost inaudible in the unstoppable loudness of the predominant electronic sound... much amplified...

...perhaps this is a new collage or adaptation of musique concrete originally recorded in the 1950s?

...the man operating the circuitry is at the same time moving or dancing to a musical beat that i thought was meant to be absent from musique concrete... (he is about half the age of this music and is of a generation not attuned, i would think, to its unpredictable nature) often i feel as if i am the only one present who is aware of the origin or the intention of things modern... i talked briefly to the man operating the electronics, and to Marta Marce (who gave me a printed account of the origin of musique concrete)... but i did not feel in communication with them... i felt more at home in the music itself... as if i was revisiting the 50s... a time when my thoughts were taking form...


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