online: 1 october 2007
modified: 1 october 2007

30 september 2007 as perfect as it can be

16:55 ...pond 2
the ground beneath the plane trees is already nearly covered with fallen leaves, brown and yellow... a man is guiding a dog by voice to find the stick he's thrown into the water...

...i inscribe this as carefully as i can, aware of having resolved to make each action as perfect as it can be while attending to all the circumstances i can, near and far, old and new!

...i picked up fallen leaves one yellow, one brown, and found a discarded (Starbucks) paper bag in which to carry them, undamaged...

...seeing people walking on a grassy path across a meadow (as if in a world before road-making) i decided to follow them (as if in the middle ages)... and on the way across i went to look at a patch of flowers that to me resemble Michaelmas Daisies... but white, not purple...

...and as i sit on a seat on the far side of the meadow i see a box kite from Parliament Hill rise 1 or 2 hundred feet above the trees... (about 30 to 60 metres)

...later i see a red umbrella without handle, discarded in a bin, and bearing the words

The Ultimate Resource

...visiting the website i see that the words on the umbrella are not intended to describe business as the ultimate resource (though this might be true?) - they are the title of a reference book about all aspects of business management... i recognise that it is of high quality and usefulness (though perhaps blind to the defects or limitations of management - or to the world seen as poetry and colours - of which it is a part)...

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