online: 31 october 2007
modified: 30 october 2007

30 october 2007 history of the world

14:45 ethel copland campbell seat at the tumulus

a warm sunny day... hills and buildings about 20 km away are visible in the exceptionally clear air... a jay glides only a few feet above the ground, occasionally flapping its wings to maintain height... aircraft heading for Heathrow pass in turn through some small fluffy clouds at 2 to 3 thousand feet (about one kilometre away)... there are already long shadows on the grass but i can still feel the warmth of the autumn sun through my clothing...

...just now a child of about two years stepped all alone across the meadow while the woman who was with her stood back to let the child adventure alone ...exemplifying what to me is a perfect relationship between generations... (see the feasibility of the new)...

13:12 ...suddenly the sun is obscured by a small cloud and i feel cold... its shadow is extending half way to the horizon... and now, four minutes later, the cloud has moved and sunlight and heat return and i feel warm again... this rapidly changing weather (from the Atlantic) is what i like about life on this island...

...and as i look towards the west i see about 50 insects lit up in the sunlight as they hover and zigzag in the quite cool air...

...and i like the thought that these little events are now part of the recorded history of the world...

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