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25 november 2007 yoga and autonomy


a perception of yoga and autonomy: that which is all but gives a law to itself

asanas: in each posture i try to let go of my customary neuro-muscular-skeletal balance and let my whole body readapt TO the new posture... i do this i feel a change from a new and somewhat painful posture, resisted, to a beneficial and purposeful posture, assumed...

the actual words with which i first noted this change may give a better idea of what happened:

1.discovery: in each asana let go of previous customary muscle balance and let whole body re-adapt to the asana.

2. to hold (an) asana while consciously letting every other muscle loose so (that) it can adapt to the asana (as if this were to be a lifelong state, ie as if it were the condition of an amputation, or other permanent change)... i experienced this change (after perhaps 25 years of attempted yogic exercise) i felt it to be a profound improvement... And perhaps a way of linking yoga with the Alexander technique... Or as a way of undertaking any change... and particularly the change from central control to decentral autonomy with (and not without) the necessarry beginning of self-rule...

autonomy: that which is free, but gives a law to itself

(Douglas Burnham's description of autonomy in An Introduction to Kant's Critique of Judgement, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh 2000)

17:16 this entry could be the beginning of something new to softopia: a new start to the electric book, and to the webpage of the caretaker, but now with purpose and intention, that of beginning and embodying decentral autonomy and its necessary self-disciplne...

yes teacher says a ghost of the past, but NO says the caretaker, each of us teaches him or her self, as i am self-teaching now, in this encounter with the unknown... blessing and letting go of what brought us to this point, what allowed or induced us to change course, and now to pause before the gateway to the new (watershed?), the new climate of autonomy and self-rule, this opening of a chapter and start of new episodes, having, disposed of all the rest: the old world of the imposed, of the stressed, and of the singular... we're not alone any more!

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