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8 august 2006 the electric book, part 2

weblog of the caretaker

episode 1 a serious experiment

i am about to be put to sleep before being recreated on j-921, the second earth, from where i am to report on a hitherto secret experiment in the conscious evolution of nature and culture.

i am not sure if the experiment is to take place in physical reality or in dreaming, or perhaps it is a computer simulation, or even a novel consisting only of words... but whatever it is this weblog will be the only communication channel between the earth as we know it and a new way of living that may emerge from the experiment that i am to report.

if you are familiar with utopian literature, or with science fiction, you may wonder, as I do, if this is another of that species - while some may believe that this writing is happening in real life... and if so - who or what is behind it?

...for my part i think it is a serious experiment, sponsored by Unesco and performed in secret behind the camouflage of good works (or dubious ones?) that he (for Unesco is now a person) has appeared to be doing during recent decades... all i know for sure is that the sleep lab from where i am writing is somewhere in the West - i cannot tell you the exact location as my geographic memory has been altered to enable me to withstand the journey from what we call reality to this... don't ask me to explain!

...and now, as the caretaker undergoes his journey, the rest of us remain on earth, trapped in the industrial culture from which we are helpless to rescue ourselves and our unfortunate planet... but all may not be what it seems, even here.

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