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29 september 2006

the electric book, part 2

the weblog of the caretaker

episode 2 welcome to the universe

(the experiment began in a sleep lab which is the entrance to both the earth as it was and to the earth as it can be, now known as j-921)

greetings to earth! this is the caretaker writing:

i wake to find no one here, just myself in a data harness lying on a hospital bed in a silent room... i imagine it's the same sleep lab that i entered on leaving the earth... i presume that i am visible to others though i see no camera or one-way mirror... i was assured that this is a familiar reality, not a science fiction, or a dream, or other illusion, so i will not bother to describe the scenery... i'll just record what happens, and my reactions to that...

...after a few moments i notice a display screen on the wall behind me... and when i touch it words appear... in pink lettering:

'conscious evolution of nature and culture'
i touch these words in turn but nothing happens until i reach 'culture'... and when i touch that i see my own face, when younger, smiling at me now and then, while it writes something on a computerphone...

...what he (or me?) is writing appears on the screen... uneasily i read it... wondering if this is schizophrenia... or worse:

...don't worry, your Modesty (and at this he appears to be laughing) there is nothing to fear, you are in charge now... and all of us, (including me, your former self) are here to do your bidding, as in a fairy tale... and thank you for taking part in the experiment... we hope you will soon feel at home here as we have access to the archives of your foundation and can assist you to relive your life under new conditions which you yourself desired but which were not timely on the earth as it was...

...if you are wondering if this is the afterlife, don't worry, our existence is purely verbal or literary... we are not in heaven or in hell but in literature... all you have to do is to keep reading and writing - if you don't do so the illusion collapses and we all slip back into the cosmic database...

...but now we leave you to collect your thoughts before we invite you to continue the experiment...

please note:
we are imitating a style of writing which we have copied from the digital diary of jcj - i hope this will reassure you that the imaginary rock foundation is supporting this experiment and that we intend to take good care if its caretaker... welcome to the universe!

(there may be cracks and contradictions but that is the evidence of life, not perfection...)

and with that my earlier self stopped writing and i reentered sleep, not knowing where i am but not frightened...

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