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1 to 23 april 2006 xdm: expanded design methods for an expanded world

rough beginnings of something:

after writing:
design methods in 250 words and literature of design methods i realised that my inescapable lifelong project of trying to improve industrial living by changing its design processes has survived only partially (in the shadow of things as they are) but that it is now re-emerging into the light that shone in the early days...

what these two brief writings reveal to me now is that the idea of improving design processes went well only in moments of widened awareness, when the status quo was seen not as immovable condition but as 'the problem' itself, and that its 'solution' came only while that fragile enlightened mode of thinking and perceiving was maintained...

so now, before i proceed to explain or to explore this idea any further, i turn to see or listen to what Utopia, Numeroso, Unesco (and other imaginary inhabitants of softopia) are doing ... for something tells me that they may be doing what is implied in the above texts:

(text awaited)

to let go of the organised world as it is, seen as fixed,

and instead to advance with these expanded methods and this literature to remake in imagination on the second earth what long ago was set in motion as in the electric book but without these aims...

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