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27 may 2003 the electric book is reviving!

part 1 - several annual volumes from 1985
stories of life on j-921 the second earth

(only volume 2, chapter 6, is as yet available online - most of the volumes comprising part 1 await rescue from earlier computer formats!)

volume 1, chapter 1, and volume 4, chapter 12 are available in print in the internet and everyonepages 434 to 443

(characters in chapter 12 include Hobgoblin, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Henry James and his character Isabel from The Portrait of a Lady)

part 2 - introduction to part 2
in which characters from the experimental city of 1981 and the symposium of Utopia of 2002 are expected to join those from the electric book part 1 in the integration of this website and the softening of industrial culture

to soften: to render less painful or more easy to bear, to render more impressionable or tender, to enervate, weaken or render effeminate, to make more gentle, delicate or refined, to mollify or appease, to render less harsh or severe, to make physically soft, or softer, to lessen the hardness of, to modify or tone down, to render less pronounced or prominent.*
that blisful sight softneth al my sorwe (Geoffrey Chaucer, 1343-1400)

*from the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary - whoever wrote that entry did not know that she or he was defining the future of everyone in this fiction and perhaps beyond!

(the first draft of the introduction is in the digital diary 23 may 2003)

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