29 January 2002 in the twenty-first century

16:01:Indoor cafe, few people here today. One woman reading a newspaper, two women with a new baby, and me. The baby appears calm and well as it looks about through its full-grown eyes. The beginning of a life. Is that how we all begin - inquisitively?

Today I feel I've lost touch with life and am stuck in inertia - walking here was as much as I could do this afternoon - after a morning of seemingly trivial actions and some sleep and listening to an audio tape (of what I might call therapeutic humanism - a recording of Charlie Kreiner of California teaching people how to recover their 'integral human nature'.). But now, drinking tea, eating a nut pastry, and writing this, I feel back in the world. And I've read two newspapers (The Daily Telegraph and the New York Herald Tribune) - and as usual I wish I hadn't given my attention to those edited pictures of life... they leave me feeling empty and disappointed. Even deceived.

...time to go - someone is putting the chairs on the tables.

Seat in woods in dusk. Many crows cawing, southwest wind is blowing dead leaves along the ground. No one about. The crow-talk is intense. I'm glad to be here - in the woods with these birds - in the twenty-first century.

17:50: I walked back feeling energetic and full of resolves to attempt what had been defeating me earlier. Even the digital diary... I've yet to complete the entry for the 25th of January. I wrote it on paper at too great a length so it may need cutting as well as digitising. Writing entries digitally in the first place is essential to keep up the brevity and the rhythm of this. As today! (Completed this by 18:10.)

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