18 February 2002 a basis for living?

15:57: Outdoor cafe.

I don't think there isa good basis for living to be found in the industrial or world culture as it is. Mechanisation, and the specialisation and the hierarchy it entails, is no fit basis for human life!

It looks wrong and it feels wrong for 'the human animal', the mind of nature, to be limiting its or his or her actions and energies to sub-tasks set by the tempo of machines and by economic goals, and all such.

So what would be, could be, a good basis?

To me the answer is obvious - to give up our mechanised roles to computers. And instead to do what? - that is the question.

But here I am ignoring the sound of a robin singing close by as I write yet again of 'what's wrong' - when what's right is all around me and in me - and even in this writing, if only I can expand it to include, and to become, what I am seeking...

...Is that enough, for the moment, to consolidate and to further my purpose and to be sufficient basis for living here now and hereafter?

One of the first gnats of the season sails between my eyes and my fingers devoting its brief life to finding food (perhaps my blood) and surviving - but for you and for me that's not the answer...

No, no...

...and now everyone's gone, even the paid servants, but the robin still sings and I sit here among empty tables just writing these words and looking up at creamy clouds and blue sky and remembering, of all things, King Arthur!

Time to go, it's 16.35 - and is hestill waiting?

And as I walked back it was King Arthur, not these anxious questions, that came into my thoughts... and though I have no belief in his time and his story I imagine him sleeping with his knights, beneath some mountain in Wales or what was Wales, waiting for the call to wake up and to rescue his people from disaster...

...and if that disaster is not war but enslavement to machines and our manner of obeying or exploiting them, is it possible that the sleeping warriors can change to being the people who can give us courage and devotion to the thing that is missing - our new nature as the ones who can encompass all things and all this?

...look to the nervous system, John bach*, isn't that what you're seeking!

*'bach' is a Welsh word meaning 'little' - put after someone's name it implies affection as well as smallness, as perhaps in 'little John' or 'dear boy'.

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