21 February 2002 humanity!

10:27: Indoor cafe - among people eating breakfast.

On the next table a man is working at anthropometrics on a laptop. He tells me he is an architect. He'd found, as I have, that some of le Corbusier's's modular dimensions are close to those resulting from ergonomics... So he and I are allies and friends though we've lived unaware of each other's existence!

On the way here I saw small a child in a buggy wearing a golden crown or coronet. 'A prince!... or a princess?' I said to the woman pushing it... 'a prince' she said, smiling and laughing... I guess that's how we should all be brought up - as are princes and princesses - inheriting 'all'! (but not as monarchs).

Today my thoughts keep returning to the idea of collective actions and friendships outside and beyond formal (hierarchical) organisations - nonorg as I began to call this yesterday... to me it feels like liberation - to realise that the 'society' outside organisations is more real and more capable than is the bounded world of our employment 'as paid to specialise'. Let's call it humanity!

Yesterday I was speaking to a man who was measuring a fence. I asked what is being planned. 'A block of flats' he joked... When I expressed doubt about the prettification that was actually going to happen he said 'Don't ask me, I'm only doing the work!'. That made me feel sad - for all of us.

On the way back:
She stands stroking his chest slowly and affectionately while one of her two small children runs towards her, calling to her as he runs. But she continues stroking her lover... She is not hiding her erotic life from her motherly life - both are open for all to see...

...It was a big jump when, in the new sexual culture of the 1960s, that separation was overcome... I was reading* last night of a couple who decided to demonstrate and teach lovemaking (with much gentleness) to a teenage daughter... Unthinkable today? Perhaps not to the one who kept stroking.

* Hello I Love You, orchestrated by Jim Haynes and Jeanne pasle-green, Almand Editions, Paris 1974, Imprimerie Speciale, Depot Legal: 4e trimestre 1974, pages 32 to 35.

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