online: 17 april 2002

17 april 2002 in my familiar world

16:50: A seat near to the Vale of Health. Many leaves have opened: chestnut, sycamore, and others that I don't recognise... Just now I was lying on the dry ground looking up at the clouds and the blue sky. Surprised to see a constant fall of catkins blown from a tall tree and landing all around me... This is the first moment (since returning from Bremen) when I've felt energetic enough to write in this diary. I greatly enjoyed the visit but it took a lot of energy. Now I'm recovering and I feel able to look about and to listen and to forget my tiredness. I hear a clock strike six and notice a little fly on my forefinger - it stayed for less than a second.

Two kinds of clouds - mare's tails above - small cumulus below. A young man in a track suit lies down on a bench while his dog sniffs among the trees. I hear the familiar sounds of the evening flights returning to Heath Row and I feel happy to be here, back in my familiar world of trees, clouds, and open spaces - in London - knowing all that I know and doing what I can. Yes I'm fortunate. And determined!.

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