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23 april 2002 the swan and the goose

17:57: This is the first time I've sat on this seat near to the Vale of Health pond. Often it is occupied by people fishing - but fishing is not permitted until a date in May so that the newborn fish can grow a bit before they are caught.

This is a conventionally beautiful spot facing trees and houses across the water. There is a single swan in this pond and it is trying to chase a goose away from the food that people are throwing into the water - the goose swims away when the swan chases it - but it keeps coming back... And now three geese fly over, honking...

Now the swan is alone but it is not eating the food - perhaps it was claiming territory, not nourishment.

The swan and the goose - is that what is happening between the Israelis the Palestinians - or in Northern Ireland, or what was Yugoslavia? Is aggression natural?... I must believe that it is - if I am to be consistent with my recent thoughts about afternature.

The swan is now floating peacefully on the far side of the pond and the goose is walking on the grass beside me and eating it. Are they now outside each other's territories? Is that all it needs to end their aggression - the non-overlapping of boundaries?

But the solution that I imagine (for the pacification of regions claimed by more than one culture) is for everyone to recognise that, with the development of new media, all cultures reach everywhere. Given this, we can aspire to detach cultures from state boundaries and create simultaneous legal rights of all cultures to all places (with no land being uniquely possessed by any single culture)... I'll return to this later - and in the meantime my first attempts at exploring this idea can be read in the internet and everyone*.

The swan is now swimming near to the other bank and the goose is sitting on the grass near to me and burying its head in the feathers between its wings. Is it going to sleep?

It's now cooler and the light is beginning to fade. A large fish jumps in the water. And now another jumps. A woman runs by. Life continues...

*In the annotation (or second gloss) on page 481 of the clothbound (or printed) edition of the internet and everyone- and in the reconception of time that occurs throughout 'letter twenty-five' on pages 477 to 484...

Looking now at those ideas I realise that it is time to continue them - as my primary work (which was interrupted in order to complete that book and to begin softopia and the digital diary). There is much for me to do, if I can energise it and find the way - perhaps by combining these things? How fortunate that I am alive to do it!

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