online: 23 may 2002

23 may 2002 the true theory?

15:49 As I hesitate to extend the text of changing world (my start to post-industrial, post-Spinozian, designing) I note an interesting question:

is it that Spinoza, not Descartes, had the true theory (of the 'mechanisation' of the world picture) in that his theory is not dualistic and is thus the true future of, and the better basis for, industrial living, or afternature?

Yes! I said to myself (feeling immediately joyful) - and perhaps it is to be realised simply by holding to its extensiveness and by refusing the divisiveness and unreal nonsense of the mind-body split...

And now, having proposed and accepted this change, this revision of philosophy and history - to proceed!

And as these words take their places on the page and in mind the splitworld falls dead and mindworld takes over the moon and the mouse and the rhubarb... Imaginary things but perhaps more real than numbers.

18:46 Vale of Health. The irises that grow in the pond are now grown to three-quarters of my height and with many more blooms. Next to them I saw dozens of fast-moving insects lit by the sunlight as they flew two or three centimetres above the water surface. And occasionally I was able to see their shadows on the ground beneath the water.

Looking up I was surprised to see not one swan but two, and with three cygnets, a day or two old. I had no idea that the swan I've seen chasing the goose had a mate on a nest. I wonder if they will survive - many don't.

And as I pause before moving I feel insects landing on my ears and my neck and watch the ever-changing patterns where winds ruffle the water.

The goose seems to have left. A woman who lives nearby tells me that its mate has just hatched several goslings. She thinks the geese may have walked their goslings away - to evade the aggressive swan...

Blindly I sweep my hand over my neck to remove insects - not knowing if I kill or injure any of them in the process.

As I walked away I looked up at the three-quarter moon in a blue sky amidst clouds... and then I passed someone playing a slow melody on a large saxaphone...

...reassurance - there's so much more to life than any theory.

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