online: 8 june 2002

30 may 2002 after rain

20:10 I am looking through an open window at a nearly clear sky after rain - and at a few blue-grey clouds that remain.

Happy and relieved that the course I've been giving in Bremen ended successfully - six of the twelve people who attended my disastrous opening lecture (I somehow lost touch and could barely continue) survived to the end and this afternoon presented very simple and very human responses to the aim of 'redesigning the world'. Clearly they were happy with what they had done - and evidently my favourite design method (affirmative groups*)had yet again enabled people to learn much from each other. Everyone was pleased and I think I've got over that initial failure, but it shocked me.

* a group of eight or so people who follow game-like rules in order to provide constructive criticisms and affirmative responses to each other's ideas. The most important rule is to begin each affirmation with the words 'if I were you I would...'

The method appears in detail in DRS news. I will add the url later if I can find it)

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