online: 8 june 2002
5 june 2002 changing habits

15:48 Remembering 'the beauty of the morning' and the beauty of 'the almost empty street' which I noted at 6:20 at the station on 27th May where I began this journey, now ending...

I resolved then to change my habit (of writing late and rising late) so as to enjoy writing and walking these summer mornings, soon after sunrise. For when I domanage to rise early I feel so glad to be up and about while the day is new and many people are still asleep.

But today I am still in bed at 4pm, though I have been active - beginning to read and grasp the Euclidian logic of Spinoza's theory, doing some yoga, reading the chronotes of these ten days abroad, and now this.

But this is not meant to be an account or justification of my actions - it is meant to note what I feel are significant experiences... and consequent thoughts...

...For instance being told to switch off this electronic note pad in the aeroplane because it might interfere with the flight control equipment... I noted then that this is the beginning of something new - the tiny micro-circuits extending an individual can now influence similar circuits in aircraft and in other extensions of ourselves that are collectively organised. The private affecting the public. I like it very much, this increased interdependence of public and private life, dangerous as it showed itself to be on 11 september 2002, and encouraging as it is for the future of democracy as it can now become*.

* see creative democracy.

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