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10 june 2002 to be part of the world

14:46 Sleeping and writing - after rising early to attend to money that is owed me - to continue reading Spinoza - and to a variety of other such activities - perhaps too many... if you live alone you have to do everything for yourself...

This is what women are often obliged to do and sometimes they call it multi-tasking. Is it good? It doesn't feel good - yet I am glad to be doing things I've deferred for weeks and to stop worrying about them.

The way of the world? No. It is we who are the world - there is no separate other unless we make it so, by disassociating ourselves from reality, from nature... And yet it is essential not to just adapt to circumstances... but to speak and to enact one's thoughts.

...the reading light filament slowly melts - and so I turn this handheld screen to the window to see what I am writing - but as I wrote that I half realised that I've never seen a bulb fade slowly before, only suddenly...

...I seem (under Spinoza's influence?) to be stating some very obvious things!... the reading lamp comes on again and the answerphone bleeps - and the computer has shut down - I made a wrong deduction - the filament did not melt... the power supply was interrupted - an unlikely event here, but common in many parts of the world that we imagine we do not inhabit - but, in the future, will interrupted power supplies become common everywhere? - quite likely, I think, if the economic gap between poor and rich countries closes from the top down and not from the bottom up... to be part of the world...

...but it's this attending to the smallest details that I really like!

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