online: 18 june 2002

18 june 2002 a summer evening

20:34 A summer evening on the Heath. The air is still, the clouds also, the grass is long and already in seed. After busy days I'm feeling tired but happy. This stillness seems to be restoring my perception as I gradually forget active thoughts and little struggles and as my attention returns to the things around me: tall trees now in full leaf, or nearly so, the caw of a solitary crow, the gentle sound of aircraft returning to Heathrow in the evening, a looping long-tailed kite, distant voices over the meadow, two people lying down in the long grass, a few people walking in t-shirts in the warm summer air...

...and in the distance blue-grey clouds over east London. A few church spires and tall buildings are still lit by the setting sun...

...and a long way off someone dressed in bright red stands out against the greens and fawns and blacks of the leaves, grasses and tree-trunks.

No questions come to mind, no abstract thoughts, perhaps I've been reading more philosophy than I need. A moment to enjoy for itself, not its implications.

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