online: 12 september 2002

11 september 2002 in a landscape garden

18:30 A seat among trees growing sideways as well as upwards in grassland. They look so right when free to grow without mutual interference - it's hard to believe that their fullness of shape is the result of design, not spontaneous evolution. But despite the landscape gardening (or even because of it?) I feel a sense of peace and ordinariness here on a sloping meadow below pale grey cloud in a gentle north wind among well-shaped trees and mown grass and little or no undergrowth.

I sat here to listen to someone playing a pipe of some kind but the playing soon ceased. I saw the piper walking away between the trees and then I noticed a low brrr brrr sound to my right. It was a magpie walking about - I suppose looking for insects or perhaps hoping that I might feed it. This is a much-tamed bit of wilderness, is it not? But I like it.

Today I've been avoiding the radio - not wanting to be part of the worldwide replaying and resaying of the attacks on USA a year ago today. Instead I've been editing yesterday's digital diary entry and putting it on line.

Then I slept for an hour or so.

Since then I've been attempting to restart a design fiction in which I hope to re-tell the successes and failures (mostly the latter) of my life as if in an imaginary culture, post-industrial, post-agricultural, and free of what I conceive to be 'inhuman' and 'wrong'. Not utopian, nor dystopian, but something different from either. Something I've yet to experience.

But now the light is going.

I began to walk away when I found an unopened bottle of what could be vodka-and-lemon in the grass behind where I had been sitting. There was no label, only the word SMIRNOFF moulded into the glass. I'll leave it for someone who likes it. In the museum of the present.

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