online: 27 november 2002

27 november 2002 life is not a distraction

14:39 Out of sorts today, thoughts occupied by the closure of my savings bank and the difficutlties of finding another and transferring money without penalty - and other such distractions and time conflicts.

I would like to be free of such thoughts and to be writing something new... I decide to sit and attend to the scene - and to take out the handheld computer...

15:10 seat overlooking hockey ground

Few people here today, much wind, blowing leaves about... clouds, aeroplanes, trees... a wren flies past my legs so quickly that I barely see it...

...and now I breathe in the cold air as I look at this scene of leaflessness and grass and wintry emptiness. I don't see any insects.

A woman in brown waves as she walks by - but I don't think I know her. Is it that she noticed me writing?

In an hour or so it will be dark and I will return - perhaps to write something that I want to write re city traffic and such - our collective disorders and how to correct them.

I hear a small bird chirping behind me but I cannot see it - is it the wren?

The wind blows more strongly and a dry leaf sails upwards past my shoulder. I'm feeling cold and decide to walk back before it gets dark. But first I breathe in again - contented with this place and moment, cold as it is...

And now to walk briskly!

I walked back more contented. Again and again I find that it is exposure to the details of life, no matter how insignificant, and the interesting memories provoked, that lifts me out of indecision and inertia. Abstract aims and resolves are hopeless!

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