online: 1 december 2002

1 december 2002 the divine and the earthly

In bed:

slowly rediscovering direction, and recovering presence, after late wake from pleasant dreams... I realise that I've set myself to do far more than I can accomplish in the next day or two - and I feel unable to do anything.

Remedy? - to give enough time to do one simple thing as well as possible - and thus recover balance.

So I decide to handwrite a few sentences in my (non-digital) journal as slowly and as legibly as I can... And now, having done that, I continue reading P B Shelley's translation of The Symposium of Plato- which is so unexpectedly attracting me...

(I always felt repelled by Plato's elevation of abstraction above physical reality. But now, in Shelley's interpretation, I find a most welcome blending of the divine with the earthly - via the connective 'daemon' of love!)

...and then I managed some yoga (but not my cardiovascular exercise - of jogging indoors) and ate breakfast.

14:40 On the train:

as soon as I noticed the brief (?) sunshine (contradicting the weather forecast) I dressed rapidly and hurried to the station...

On the heath:

such a brilliant windy afternoon, not a cloud - everything is sparkling in winter colours.

15:37 Outdoor cafe:

as I drink camomile tea, eat a nut tartlet and write this - creamy clouds are blown across from the West... they reflect sunlight onto this shaded garden. I don't remember noticing sunlight reflected from clouds before.

I guess the forecast heavy rain showers will arrive soon - so I'll be off... (but the rain didn't arrive and I walked back in sunshine - meeting and passing many people walking this Sunday afternoon).

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