online: 20 february 2003

19 february 2003 moments of life

On my way across the heath I saw a swan that I thought was stuck in the ice so I set off to tell the keepers. On the way I met someone who is on the committee. He was going to a meeting and he said he'd telephone the people who would know what to do... so I reverted to my usual walk.

16:24 Outdoor cafe. Freezing air, icy wind, blue sky disappearing as a thin cloud forms and spreads beneath it... Nut tart and a pot of camomile tea...

Unruly children - how will they develop - as lively rebels or anti-social nuisances? I fear the latter in the apparent absence of good examples and in the presence of bad ones. They seem not to have been taught by the rest of us to perceive or to respect others. They act as if 'the world' does not exist.

This is not their fault - it seems to me that the adults (who are trying continuously to restrain the children) are helpless also. Are we living in a cultural or moral vacuum?...

...or is this the age-old complaint of the old about the young?

No. I really do sense a public blindness to others - to 'everyone'. There is something missing, socially. A lack of continuity and public love - and awareness.

Already my hand is freezing (the one that holds the computer - the writing hand is not freezing yet). I must go...

On my way back I saw a tiny whirlwind - fallen leaves were circling near the ground. And then it stopped. It no longer exists. Not a thing, just a movement. But isn't that what we are, all of us?...

I remember my father's description of my sister, aged three or four: my golden haired laughing whirlwind.

And then I remember Buckminster Fuller miming, with an imaginary rope, how energies pass through the body - and out - just as a knot can be made to move along a rope. We are all whirlwinds, brief movements, somewhat miraculous, yet apparently natural, and explainable.

At the first pond I saw that the swan was still on the ice and facing the same direction - but it was standing up. I waited and saw it move one foot slightly, then the other. I hope it will survive but it looked rather inert. The other three swans were moving about in unfrozen water.

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