online: 24 march 2003

24 march 2003 unexpected to me

18:05: Vale of Health pond. For about twenty minutes I've been watching coots, ducks, geese, swans, and now a large bumble bee, performing unexpected movements (unexpected to me) as I continue to enjoy simple activities myself in a day without struggles to attempt the new work that may be gestating at present...

...two black dogs arrive and chase the coots into the water. The largest of four swans (the male?) approaches across the pond with its wings raised above its back as if to drive the dogs away - but they've gone already. Three ducks chase each other on the water surface and beneath it. Two of the swans retire behind some willows (are they making nests?) and the big swan chases two geese onto the grass. Even the coots begin chasing each other...

...and now all is still, even the water surface.

I look up at the wispy clouds and see a solitary jetplane on its way back to Heath Row. I notice a tree with hanging yellow flowers or catkins that seem in full bloom though most of the other trees are leafless (or not even budding yet)... I don't know why I'm recording these events or why I am impelled to write so grammatically - I used to write more experimentally...

Time to move.... I wazl acaoss gaound that has been too vet t walk on fom nontds - I wrote that (on my handheld) without my glasses! And now I'm smiling.

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