online: 19 july 2003

12 july 2003 not timely

19:38 Seat by pond 2. A still summer evening by the water - in the shadow of willows and sycamores lit by the setting sun. Birds move about in the branches but I hear no bird song. I've been indoors all day - resting and keeping out the heat and waiting to recover from respiratory disorder. And now I feel a gentle breeze from the north - as I felt last evening - and I feel am recovering. Perhaps now I have the energy to walk further.

Meta Dachinger seat - where I recently sat until I'd written the introduction to the electric book, part 2... Can I sit here now until the next part of eb2 appears?

Distant sounds of an outdoor concert at Kenwood. A jumbojet flies overhead, turning gently towards the airport. I pause to drink some water. A few tall grasses move slightly in the nearly still air. A branch of bramble grows horizontally (unsupported) about 2 metres beyond its position of 2 months ago. Energy returns and I am breathing more freely...

Seat overlooking London. The tall buildings are lit by pink sunlight. A sparrow hawk hovers over the hillside...

...half defeated, I decide to continue the writing of the electric book when I return... but decision was not timely.

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