online: 29 august 2003

29 august 2003 breathing freely

Hampsted Heath. Fallen leaves already. Cool air. Sunlight and grey clouds this evening - and a rainbow.

19:13 Meta Dachinger seat - it's the only one I've seen today that is dry enough to sit on. There was gentle rain in sunlight as I walked here.

This afternoon I began the slow business of completing and putting on line the ten or so entries that I was unable to complete during the heat wave. I feel glad to be back in air that is cool enough, and unpolluted enough for me to resume my usual thoughts and walks and writings. I greet the sky and clouds and planes and trees and even barking dogs and of course the people walking, running or cycling. And the makers of these seats and the ones they commemorate. Those are my sentiments. This is our world.

I pause and breathe in deeply. Have I been breathing shallowly for all these weeks of smoggy air and overheating? It's a pleasure to be here and breathing freshness. Yes.

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