online: 25 september 2003

24 september 2003 elements of life

19:17 Autumn evening. Clear sky. Pale blue. No wind. Seat near viaduct pond. Yellow leaves on ground. A place I like to be. The city thunders far away. Several jetplanes moving slowly and quietly in descent or ascent. Distant voices. Why am I writing these familiar phrases? The sound of ducks. And of a plastic pen tapping and inscribing these words. I see a white clad figure running in the distance. A familiar world.

New paragraph. An owl hoots in the trees behind me. Cyclists freewheeling down a grassy slope. A noisy jumbo climbing to the north east. The light has almost gone. Four ducks arrive and drop down together to the pond. I get up to go, in the dusk... The surface of the water is completely still.

Walking back in near darkness but I'm not scared because I know these paths and scenes so well... I see the city lights through the trees as I approach the horizon. A guitar is being played by someone sitting on the ground - most of the seats are empty - I feel at home alone here in near darkness beneath the sky.

On the bus back I saw people with whom I would not choose to live but whose brief presence I enjoy - for these few minutes I feel we are all humans together in this strange life that we didn't choose or make - yet we make it and are it for each other. When I feel confident in what I'm doing this feeling of accord with others grows!

When I returned, a computer fault stopped me transferring this from the handheld to the website - but after an hour or two of gentle struggle I almost accidentally found a simple way to get it working again - the usual way with computer faults, so quick to remove one's sense of being in control. Perhaps this is good for us. Is life good for us?... The question seems impossible to answer - but useful to ask.

Next morning:
Completing and publishing this is a good way to begin the day.

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